Hello World ! Not yet another quote to that famous programmer sentence.

Rollandev has since today a blog, that aims at providing with news, original content, good practices and IT-related articles.

What’s new about Rollandev, here’s a few recap prior to the blog creation :

  • The website pays itself an SSL certificate (an SSL certificate ciphers exchanges with the web site and displays a little padlock in the address bar), a must have for any website in 2016
  • The website is avaiblable in English, French and the new-coming Slovak language, more are to come
  • Rollandev is an official partner of Open4Partiz, that latter should be online on November 30th, stay tuned
  • Presentation sliders to introduce the company, in French only when those lines are written, should be a matter of days to get them in English too

Since it’s been written only 9 times on the website, I’ll make it 10 😀 « If you have a question, a doubt, you’re uncertain about the feasability of something, don’t hesitate,  contact us« .