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Adrien Rolland PALOMBA

CEO – Rollandev

Engineer and entrepreneur, Adrien has set up the project processes from communication with client through to the final outcome to be perpetually efficient in achieving project requirements’ success. The community he has set up in Rollandev has provided an open space for team members to contribute with full confidence. Adrien’s ideas for transparency, remote working, community concept and multiculturalism is the driven force behind the rapid growth of Rollandev.

Baptiste Gab's PALOMBA

Project Manager – Developer

Gab’s with a mindset of an entrepreneur has a new approach to project management with efficiency in first priority. His priority is to ask the right questions in order to ensure the finest detail is perfected for the final client. Baptiste continues to contribute innovatively with a finnessed approach with each project.


Project Manager – Developer

William’s energetic character and determination for innovative solutions is a key component to the project processes. His well-mannered approach to client cooperation brings the cherry on top for quality service which Rollandev stands for.

Nicolas PELAUD

Project Manager – Developer

Focused Nicolas carries out the processes with careful detail and cooperation. He is not afraid to respectfully grill a client to find the needed specifications for the perfect outcome of a project. His passion for development in combination with his French and Swiss development standards is what enhances the outcome of clients’ investment.