When referring to mobile apps, you might immediately think of one of these (because of ads maybe) :

If it’s a true thing that games ransomed the mobile market places during the past years, you should not forget that smartphones are beyond simple game consoles, they embed a GPS, 1 or 2 cameras, storage, screens with higher and higher resolutions, and… clients, or maybe partners or suppliers ;  a mobile is by definition something you bring everywhere.

As a serious ongoing business, your company should not miss the opportunity to invest in the widespread visibility mobile apps offer, and to be in everyone’s pocket. Let’s  dig into the subject a little more and see what a mobile app can do for your business.

Mobile apps :  a CRM companion

Well, we’ll go straight to the point, here’s a list of benefits that can be expected from mobile apps:

  • Get known : some very trivial apps made spectacular breakthroughs to the point they made their owner rich guys. I’m not telling you you will become rich with a mobile app, though, you might attract people to discover what else you can do well as your app was a delight to use.
  • Cover specific needs : if as a professional real estate agent you can hardly do house inventory with a laptop, can you imagine how easily you might add pictures to your reports with a mobile app on your smartphone ? Save time, save money.
  • Reinforce your brand : it’s a an obvious one. Your website is having traffic, now people know your name. They need to know how serious your business is. Put your logo in each mobile store.
  • Continuity : maybe the most important one. Users are now eager to keep doing what they were doing on their computer at home while moving. If that was placing an order, you might lose a client as it might be more important for them to be on time at an appointment than buying your products.
  • Discover your clients : privacy is on every mouth, and you should respect you customer’s privacy. Though, with their full agreement, you might (as most apps do) collect some data and find how you could satisfy them more efficiently.

As a sum up of previously listed points and some common sense, we can easily see that mobile apps can reveal themselves to be awesome CRM companions. They’ll help you to get leads, sales, save time, know your customers better. They completes salesmen, and complete your CRM system.

Last words : An incredible thing that comes with mobiles apps is Notifications. Better than an email or a newsketter, and with a visibility rate challenging every other form of advertising, notifications cannot really be missed by the user. Of course, harassing people with more than one notification will bring your app to the bin, but loyal clients might appreciate to keep informed about discounts and new products.