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05M. Benoît Frédéric Raemy

Directeur of Collectives Neuchâteloises

“The new website of Les Collectives Neuchâteloises developed by Rollandev gave a representation of the quality of our enterprise. As a result of this successful project, we entrusted them with 4 additional projects including a mobile application – everything is going well, indeed, since we have this new website, we have increased our turnover by 30%.”

M. Cyril Rous

Psychotherapist and director of Cabinet Collaboratif

“As a psychologist and HR I can confirm that Rollandev is a personal-touch company that studies requests on a case-by-case basis and looks for the best for it’s client. After many researches and meetings, Rollandev represents the best alternative. Thanks again. “

M. Stéphane Bolognini

Director of monconsultantimmobilier.fr

“As soon as I have a problem, a hesitation or need advice, I always have consistence in charming, understanding and especially effective personel. If I have a problem of low quality, Rollandev backs me up and remains an indispensable partner for the high-standard development of my company.“

M. Grégory Vial

Financial Director of Riviera Réalisation

“Rollandev has designed and developed our core business processes and has a very thorough knowledge of our business and the expectations of different internal users. “

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