Quickly delivered estimate

and free of charge of course. We quickly establish an estimate of cost and price for your project and suggest alternatives for bigger projects.

Guaranteed quality

Our goal : deliver services of quality. We develop tailor-made tools that integrate to your system and guarantee a seamless experience.


Someone is in charge of exchanging with you and gathering your requirements, specifications and fix the bugs quickly.


« A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area. […] By hiring a consultant, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis. »

By using our consulting services :A travers nos services de consultance, we can offer you :

  • to accompany you on your project realisation
  • to draft specifications
  • to manager your internal projects right in your office
  • to audit your system

Hiring us a consultant allows you to temporarily add new skills to your team

Business services

Paperless office

A paperless office frees you from paper and stands for the first and essential step to modernize your company.

Business process

Design automated process will enable you to manager and monitor the good execution of your procedures and optimize the delays. Over with mistakes.


Handling big quantities of data is made easy when using the right tools : graphical visualizations, real time, trends, extranet

Many years of experience made it possible for us to understand the business of our clients into the details and we are now able to deliver solutions that respect business contraints.

Our expertise are in :

  • Real estate

    Property builders, agencies, your procedures have no secret to us. We know your job and can accompany you in each step of your digital transition.

  • HR tools

    Our experience in recruitment procedures and the life of an employee in a company makes us the ideal partner.

  • Accountancy

    Accountancy is a complex job of which many tasks can be made easier thanks to computers : automation of payrolling, paperless invoicing, generation of account reports, integration of your ERP and your accountancy software.

  • Company law procedure

    Recurring tasks regarding administration and company law can be automated : contract generation, board meeting reports.

  • Financial

    The final goal of business system is the development of dashboards. AMong those latters, financial dashboards have to be designed and set up with a particular care as aftermaths of wrong data could be disastrous.

Web Services : Design and turnkey website

You certainely heard of "Material design" and "Site Responsive", you don't know if you will use a CMS or get your website developed from scracth ? We take car of everything and deliver a turnkey website :

  • Logo
  • Graphical charter
  • Complete design of the website
  • Development
  • Domain name and hosting
  • Maintenance

A business with no website takes the risk of lacking of visibility and miss leads and opportunities that only the Internet could offer. The same way, a business with a website that doesn't respect the standards could convey the wrong message. In order to maximize the reach of your website, we also take care of Search Engine Optimizations and social networks sharing meta data.

Mobile app development

It's getting difficult to thrive on the internet without offering a mobile application for customers or partners. Get yourself a tool to increase your notoriety.

As a bad habit, leaders and managers takes out smartphones during a meeting to check their emails or company bank account.

Like service that proved usefult to the most of us, big companies evolved and offer mobile applications to their customers to increase their loyalty and offer a seamless service from the big screen to the small one. Then, some small companies, startups and agencies trying to find their place on the digital market (singers, youtubers, etc) see a way to be different by having their own app.

Why not to take the step and put the name of your company in app stores ?

The company

Rollandev is an innovative company. Our goal is to satisfy our clients. We work with several talents, but are also looking for opportunities to partner up, hire and invest. If you would like to know more, contact us.


In order to offer the best possible services, we use technologies that proved their efficiency, known and used by profesionnals through the world.

Software edition

We are proud to announce that we are currently working on the design and elaboration of 3 softwares : a tool to manage real estate projects, a CRM and an HR software.

We value all type of partnership on those latter solutions.

Rollandev, the blog

In addition to our presence on social networks, we are active on a blog on which we share our knowledge and our ongoing activities. We would be happy to read your opinion in the comments.

Visit the blog
Payments in Bitcoin

In addition to the classical methods of payment, we offer the possibility to our clients to pay with Bicoin.

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